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School Environment and Education

Multiple Responses, Promising Results: Evidence-Based Nonpunitive Alternatives to Zero Tolerance

Child Trends

This brief reviews the existing research on the implementation and effects of zero tolerance policies in school settings and highlights rigorously-evaluated, non-punitive alternatives to zero toler

A Gap in their Hearts: The Experience of Separated Somali Children

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

This is a report on the problems that Somali unaccompanied children suffer.

Educating Immigrant Youth in the United States: An Exploration of the Somali Case

An International Journal of Somali Studies

In the United States, Somalis, however complex and distinctive, are part of a long history of immigration.

Element 1: Safe School Environment and Violence Prevention Activities

Authored By: 
National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention

Element 1 of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) Initiative focuses on activities that foster a safe school environment, prevent violence, and work toward improving students’ feelings of safety while they are in school and their local neighborhoods.

Element Briefs

The Five Elements of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative

When writing a grant application to become a Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) community, project directors immediately

The Affordable Care Act and School-Based Health Centers

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes two provision for school-based health centers (SBHCs): (1) language authorizing a federal SBHC grant program and (2) an emergency appropriati

Trends in High School Dropout and Completion Rates in the United States: 1972

IES, National Center for Education Statistics

A recent report from the U.S.


April 07, 2011

This Webinar will introduce a framework for effectively expanding learning time and share strategies for making every minute count in schools and districts to maximize student learning and deepen s

Leading for Change Meeting

January 11, 2011
Washington, D.C.

In six member teams, FY 2009 SS/HS Project Directors and Partners work to complete the next step of the Leading for Change process: Building a Shared Vision on your SSHS Foundation.