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Resources to Help Parents, Children and Others Cope in the Aftermath of School Shootings

A collection of resources to help cope with the aftermath of school shootings. Additional resources are provided to promote mental health, school safety and violence prevention.

Activities to Promote Resiliency in Children

Linda Goldman, author of Raising Our Children to Be Resilient: A Guide to Helping Children Cope with Trauma in Today's World, provides activities to promote resiliency in children such as

Building Resilience in Children

This piece gives an overview of the book, A Parent’s Guide to Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Your Child Roots and Wings by Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D., MS Ed, FAAP in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). On this webpage, the books' seven "C"s of resilience are outlined.   

Culturally Competent Crisis Response: Information for School Psychologists and Crisis Teams

This document discusses the impact of culture on school-based crisis situations and the role that school psychologists can play in creating a culturally competent crisis plan.

Read the document here

Family and Youth Resiliency Resource Web site

This Web site provides professionals with resources and materials about family and youth resiliency.

Fishful Thinking - Resource for Parenting Positive Kids

The Fishful Thinking tools and activities can be used to teach children (ages 5-12) to use optimism to overcome life

Keeping Children Safe in Sandy

After superstorm Sandy, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council, Sarita Chung, M.D., FAAP, wrote this post for FEMA's Blog. The article offers advice on how to keep children safe from environmental hazards, how to address their mental health needs as well as links to many helpful resources.

Practicing Resilience in the Elementary Classroom

This article provides a brief overview of the what the research shows on resilience in children and how elementary school teachers can foster resilience in students in their classroom.

Promoting Resilience in Children: What Parents Can Do

This brief identifies factors that may contribute to academic failure and behavioral problems (risk factors), as well as factors that help promote resiliency (protective factors).

Promoting Resilience in Young Children

This brief describes why resiliency is important and what contributes to it's development in young children.