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Journal Article

The Science of Neglect: The Persistent Absence of Responsive Care Disrupts the Developing Brain

Harvard University

This new working paper from the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child explains how significant deprivation in the earliest years of life leads to harmful outcomes.

Cultural Influences on Emontional Development in Infants and Toddlers

Association for Childhood Education International

In this article, Dr. Nur Tanyel outlines the ways in which children's cultural backgrounds shape how they display emotions and emotional development. Dr. Tanyel offers strategies to help caregivers identify cultural differences and develop trusting relationships with children and their families.

Special Issue: Infant Mental Health Journal, Current Issues & Practices in Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Infant Mental Health Journal

This special issue features articles on a variety of topics related to mental health consultation, such as assessin

Ten Years After 9/11: What Have We (Not Yet) Learned?

Journal of Developmental and Behavorial Pediatrics

The approaching tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks in the United States could also have an impact on children.

Mental Health of Somali Adolescent Refugees: The Role of Trauma, Stress, and Perceived Discrimination

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

The primary purpose of this study was to examine relations between trauma exposure, post-resettlement stressors, perceived discrimination, and mental health symptoms in Somali adolescent refugees r

Educating Immigrant Youth in the United States: An Exploration of the Somali Case

An International Journal of Somali Studies

In the United States, Somalis, however complex and distinctive, are part of a long history of immigration.

Migration and Racial Formations Among Somali Immigrants in North America

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Using qualitative research methods, this project focuses on the disjuncture between how one set of black immigrants, Somalis, understand blackness in their homelands and how it is defined in North

Collective Impact

Large-scale systems change requires a collaborative approach that is cross-sector.