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CLC Services/Activities/Interventions

Addressing Disparities in Behavioral Health: SAMHSA and Office of Minority Health in Action

November 17, 2011
Online Webinar

Disparities in behavioral health persist with disturbing intensity, but new efforts have emerged at the federal level.

Cultural Competence Mental Health Southern Region Summit XVII - Honoring Our Promises: Sharing Effective Community Practices to Impact Regional Learning

November 02, 2011
Ontario, CA

This year's summit will provide training with a focus on the actual use of the most effective Evidence Based Practices, Promising Practices and Community Defined Practices, with regard to mental he

Cross-Cultural Health Care Conference: Collaborative and Multidisciplinary Interventions

October 07, 2011
Oahu, Hawaii

The conference is designed to provide an overview of critical issues facing healthcare professionals who work with diverse patient populations.

Children of immigrant and refugees: What the research tells us

The George Washington University

What is the research telling us about the children of immigrant and refugee students in our schools?

Strengths Based Programming: The Example of Somali Refugee Youth

Bridging Refugee Youth & Children's Services

To provide and in-depth look at how strength-based programming can address challenges for Somali youth, this bulletin provides challenges and strengths shared by Somali youth with current examples

Needs Assessment: Somali Adolescents in the Process of Adjustment

This report discusses the results of a needs assessment of Somali adolescents in Toronto, summarizing concerns regarding; pre-migration stressors; racism/discrimination; education; negotiating iden

Mental Health of Somali Adolescent Refugees: The Role of Trauma, Stress, and Perceived Discrimination

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

The primary purpose of this study was to examine relations between trauma exposure, post-resettlement stressors, perceived discrimination, and mental health symptoms in Somali adolescent refugees r

A Gap in their Hearts: The Experience of Separated Somali Children

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

This is a report on the problems that Somali unaccompanied children suffer.