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Too Hungry to Learn: Food Security and School Readiness

This research brief describes the connections between food security in early childhood and the development of skills critical for school success, including memory, emotional stability, and social skills.

Raising Young Children in a New Country: Supporting Early Learning and Health Development

This illustrated handbook for immigrant families raising children between the ages of 0 and 5 is designed to provide families with basic informatio

Measuring Social Return on Investment of Community Schools: A Practical Guide

The Finance Project

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to measuring and communicating the social and economic value of a community school and its programs. It also provides school leaders with real-school examples, questions to consider, and additional resources to aid in assessing social return on investment.  


PTSD, Trauma, and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders in Detained Youth

U.S. Department of Justice

This bulletin examines the results of a longitudinal study of detained youth in Chicago. It presents findings on the prevalence of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among juvenile detainees and PTSD’s tendency to co-occur with other psychiatric disorders.


Strengthening Families: Protective Factors Brief

This brief summarizes the current literature on protective factors that help parents find resources or coping strategies to parent effectively, even under stress.


Brief 3: Developmental and Behavioral Screening and Assessment

Education Development Center

Through its Project LAUNCH grant program, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) supports selected states, tribes, and local communities in promoting behavioral health in young children (ages 0-8) and families, preventing future challenges by implementing a series of evidence-based strategies.


Teen Dating Abuse and Harassment in the Digital World: Implications for Prevention and Intervention

Urban Institute

This brief describes the findings from a study on teen dating and digital abuse. Researchers surveyed over 5,000 teens to better understand how teens are affected by abuse and harassment with the proliferation of new technologies, such as social networking sites, texts, cell phones, and e-mails.


Mental Health Disorders

This brief presents the warning signs of mental disorders; examines types of mental disorders and their prevalence and trends; describes the consequences and risk of mental disorders; discusses treatment options and barriers to accessing mental health care; and provides resources on mental health.

Access to Mental Health Care

Child Trends

This brief discusses barriers to treatment of adolescent mental health disorders, describes the connection between insurance status and access to mental health treatment, and provides information about funding for adolescent mental health services.

Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This resource defines and describes parent engagement and identifies specific strategies and actions that schools can take to increase parent engagement in schools