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Mental Health

Leveling the Playing Field: Supporting Immigrant Children from Birth to Eight

The Future of Children published this article on the needs of young children and examines data on the participation of immigrant children in health and education programs as well as research on the

Refugee Services Toolkit (RST)

Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience developed this web-based tool to help service system providers understand the experience of refugee children and families, identify and address their mental health needs, and ensure that they are connected with the most appropriate available interventions.

The Culturally Effective Care Toolkit

The American Academy of Pediatrics released this practical, hands-on resource to help practicing pediatricians and their office staff provide culturally effective care to their patients and familie

Realizing the Promise of the Whole-School Approach to Children

Education Development Center

This is a new SS/HS guide to implementing mental health promotion and prevention programs in elementary and middle schools.

MGH Center for Women

The perinatal and reproductive psychiatry information center at Boston

Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center

Provided by the Office of Head Start, this information clearinghouse includes tip sheets for expectant and new families and information on how to locate nearby Early Head Start programs.

American Academy of Family Physicians Web site

Brief text and some video in English and Spanish addressing topics such as Before You’re Pregnant, Changes in Your Body, and Baby Blues.

For the English version, visit

For the Spanish version, visit

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

AACAP has produced the Facts for Families in English and Spanish. Other translations are available in Malaysian, Polish, Icelandic, Arabic, Urdu, and Hebrew.