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Screening and Assessment in Juvenile Justice Systems: Identifying Mental Health Needs and Risk of Reoffending

Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health

This brief explains why juvenile justice agencies and their partners must use screening and assessment tools for mental health needs and risk of reoffending when planning the most effective course of


The REACH Institute

This tool helps parents and docto

Screening and Assessment for Family Engagement, Retention, and Recovery (SAFERR)

This guide offers screening tools and principles to help child welfare staff screen parents for potential substance abuse and make decisions about children's safety.

Developmental Screening Tool Kit for Primary Care Providers

This tool kit provides primary care providers with useful resources on screening tools, implementation, billing and referring, and examples from the field.

Improving the Lives of Young Children: The Role of Developmental Screenings in Medicaid and CHIP

The first in a three-part series, this brief examines the gaps that exist in the current system of developmental screening.

Children of immigrant and refugees: What the research tells us

The George Washington University

What is the research telling us about the children of immigrant and refugee students in our schools?

Refugee Services Toolkit (RST)

Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience developed this web-based tool to help service system providers understand the experience of refugee children and families, identify and address their mental health needs, and ensure that they are connected with the most appropriate available interventions.

Family Connections Materials

These online resources, developed at Children's Hospital, Boston, provide early care and education staff with information, learning opportunities, and a description of the crucial ways that program