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CLC Services/Activities/Interventions

Refugee Services Toolkit (RST)

Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience developed this web-based tool to help service system providers understand the experience of refugee children and families, identify and address their mental health needs, and ensure that they are connected with the most appropriate available interventions.

The Culturally Effective Care Toolkit

The American Academy of Pediatrics released this practical, hands-on resource to help practicing pediatricians and their office staff provide culturally effective care to their patients and familie

Meeting the Needs of Long-Term English Learners

Are you concerned about English learners who have been in your schools for many years and still are not English proficient?

Cultural Competency: A Practical Guide for Mental Health Service Providers

The University of Texas at Austin

This guide offers mental health professionals a better understanding of the factors which can affect their counseling and suggests ways to improve and enrich services for their ethnically diverse c

Serving Everyone at the Table: Strategies for Enhancing the Availability of Culturally Competent Mental Health Services

University of South Florida

This monograph aims to increase awareness of the impact of culture on the availability of mental health services with the goal of improving services for culturally/racially diverse families in ways

CLC Services, Activities, and Interventions

Providing culturally and linguistically competent services, activities and interventions begins with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the community.

The Teaching Diverse Students Initiative

The Teaching Diverse Students Initiative provides educators with research-based resources for improving the teaching of racially and ethnically diverse students.

Promoting Cultural Competence in Children

Paul H. Brookes

This volume proposes strategies for developing cultural competence across a range of services.