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Sustainability and Financing

Current-Generation Youth Programs: What Works, What Doesn't, and at What Cost?

RAND Corporation

This paper reviews the costs, benefits, and costs and benefits relative to one another for one alternative type of investment: youth programs that are offered during the time that students are not

Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education

Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University

This Web site offers studies and publications on the cost-benefit analysis of education investments such as early childcare, policy reform, professional development, educational vouchers, and teach

Economics of Early Childhood Policy

Rand Corporation

This paper summarizes the recent research from the field of economics that supports the cost-effectiveness of early childhood prevention programs.

Youth Programs Resource Center

The Finance Project

This center provides information and resources related to supporting and sustaining youth programs, initiatives, and policies.

Towards Better Behavioral Health for Children, Youth and their Families: Financing that Supports Knowledge

National Center for Children in Poverty

This working paper provides a broad overview of funding sources that underwrite children

Ethnography in Evaluation: Uncovering Hidden Costs and Benefits in Child Mental Health

Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health

This brief summarizes a research article on a cost-benefit analysis of a system of care approach, revealing monetary costs and other benefits not otherwise included in traditional evaluations, such

Developing Competitive SAMHSA Grant Applications

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This technical assistance manual is designed to help SAMHSA grant applicants plan, write, and prepare competitive grant applications for agency funding.

Foundation Funding for Children's Health: An Overview of Recent Trends

Foundation Center

This report examines the growth and distribution of foundation giving for children's health between 1999 and 2003.

Building Capacity and Sustainable Prevention Innovations: A Sustainability Planning Model


Presents a planning model for sustaining program infrastructure and interventions within organizational, community, and state systems.

No Time for Turf

Council of Chief State School Officers

This tool is designed to help support the implementation and sustainability of interagency collaborative efforts at the state and local levels.