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Crisis Management

H1N1 Planning for Schools

National School Boards Association

This Web page provide the latest information and resources related to the H1N1 influenza virus and its relevance to schools, including steps to prevent and control infection and ways to respond to possible school community outbreaks.

Family Flu Information Web site

HealthKAP Consulting

This Web site uses simple language and helpful graphics to help the general public learn ways to reduce their chance of getting the flu.

A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools: Fifth Edition

National Center for Crisis Management

This guide provides information to administrators, school personnel and faculty, concerning effective crisis and disaster response within schools.

Responding to Mental Health Issues Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: School and Community Partnership at Work

DePelchin Children's Center
Houston, Texas

Last fall, Hurricane Katrina displaced approximately 370,000 school-aged children and their families, more than 10,000 of whom enrolled in Houston area school districts.

School crisis guide: Helping and healing in a time of crisis

National Education Association

This step-by-step resource created by educators for educators was designed to make it easier for school district administrators, principals, and National Education Association (NEA) leaders to keep schools safe.

Principles of Working with Traumatized Children


This brief article provides an overview of how children respond when they feel threatened, along with guidelines of how caregivers should interact with traumatized children.

Families as Partners in School Emergency Management

U.S. Department of Education

This article provides strategies for forming partnerships and communicating with families to create positive working relationships before an emergency occurs. Doing so strengthens a school’s emergency management capacity as it ensures that the “experts” on each child’s needs are involved from the beginning.

Establishing and Developing Strategic Partnerships with Media Representatives

U.S. Department of Education

This article recommends that schools create communications plans and train a public information officer to be the primary liaison to the public. These, along with other strategies described in the publication ensure that when a school emergency occurs, the media can enhance the school’s transition into the recovery phase rather than hinder it.

Engaging Administrators in School Emergency Management

U.S. Department of Education

These guidelines emphasize the importance of engaging district and school-based administrators in proactive emergency management

Resources for Responding To and Coping With Hurricane Related Events

Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA

This Web site provides are variety of resources for responding to and coping with hurricane related events.