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The View from Central Office: A Superintendent Looks at Learning Environments

Annenberg Institute for School Reform

In this interview, Judith Johnson, superintendent of the Peekskill (New York) City School District, discusses the role of the school district in creating an effective learning environment. Johnson also speaks about some of the challenges of implementation, the consequences of a poor learning environment, and the role of community partners.

Balancing Student Privacy and School Safety: A Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act for Elementary and Secondary Schools

U.S. Department of Education

This brochure aims to help school officials better understand the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) so that they can act decisively and quickly when safety issues arise.

Pediatrics Supplement

American Academy of Pediatrics

This supplement issue contains articles addressing the complex relationship between development and underage drinking.

Coping After a Suicide

Families for Depression Awareness

This brochure is designed to help family members and friends of a loved one who has died by suicide cope with their loss. It provides them with information to help them understand suicide, grief, and depression. (Note: registration is required to gain access to a PDF file or request a hard copy of the brochure.)


Suicide Assessment Five-Step Evaluation and Triage (SAFE-T)

Education Development Center, Inc.

The SAFE-T Card, a 6 x 7, two-sided, foldable pocket card, is intended to provide an accessible and portable resource to mental health professionals whose clinical practice includes suicide assessment. It guides clinicians through five steps which address the patient’s level of suicide risk and suggest appropriate interventions.

22 Juvenile Probation Departments Volunteer to Begin Screening Program Using MAYSI-2

Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges Commission

This January 2007 newsletter of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges Commission features an article on the use of the Massachusetts Adolescent and Youth Screening Inventory (MAYSI-2).

Community Drug Alert Bulletin

The Community Drug Alert Bulletin is part of the National Institute of Drug Abuse

Giving Back: Introducing Community Service Learning, Improving Mandated Service for Juvenile Offenders

Constitutional Rights Foundation

This manual offers a variety of service-learning tools, techniques, and project ideas designed to help juvenile justice practitioners apply school-based learning methods into court-mandated commun

Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice

Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice

This journal focuses on the development of school-aged youth through their transition to adulthood.