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Coping Resources

Resources to Assist Students Dealing with Natural Disasters
To assist schools, families, and communities, the Center for School Mental Health compiled links to a number of free resources related to coping with disasters.  Download Resources
SAMHSA Disaster Training and Technical Assistance Supplemental Research Bulletin
This is the first part of a bi-annual report that informs on new and salient research in the field of disaster response and its effects on behavioral health. The purpose of the Research Bulletin is to provide practitioners, planners and other responders a summary of the most recently published...
SAMHSA's Guide for Getting Through Tough Economic Times
This guide provides practical advice on how to deal with the effects that financial difficulties can have on your physical and mental health. It covers possible health risks, warning signs, managing stress, getting help, suicide warning signs and other steps you can take. Visit Website
Stress and Coping: Guidelines for Teachers
These guidelines provide teachers with age-specific methods and classroom activities for children and youth to assist them in coping with stress in the aftermath of a disaster such as story-telling, art projects, and group projects. It contains activities for preschoolers, elementary school...
Stress in Children and Adolescents: Tips for Parents
Concerns over changes in family circumstances, such as those caused by financial strain or a disaster situation, can cause stress. Children can be affected directly by changes in their family
Supporting Children and Youth During the Holidays in Times of Stress
For many of us, the holiday times are an exciting and joyful period. But for families and communities in stressful situations such as the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill, the holidays can be particularly challenging, evoking anxiety, feelings of loss, disappointment, and grief. This brief...
Supporting Student Well-Being and Academic Progress in Tough Economic Times: Information for Elementary School Principals
Research has shown that students’ social, emotional, and behavioral health affects their academic achievement. This has enormous implications for teachers, school mental health providers, and the students themselves. A student body that is hungry, disengaged, preoccupied, or behaviorally...
Supporting Teachers' Ability to Teach in Stressful Times: Tips for Administrators and Teachers
Economic crises can have a significant impact on schools. Families and school staff may experience increased stress and decreased stability due to lost or reduced incomes and unemployment, Students may be coming to school with greater needs, social emotional difficulties...
Ten Tips for Families in Coping With Stress During Tough Times
Tough times also bring opportunities for families to come together and value the things that really matter. This tip sheet provides ten tips for families to bond and come together when dealing with stress. Visit Tip Sheet Website
Ten Ways to Foster Resiliency in Children
Resilient children are those who adapt well, despite experiencing adversity in their lives. Families, schools, and communities have a profound influence upon children's ability to be persistent, overcome obstacles, and develop hope for their future. This article features ten tips for school...