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Coping Resources

Children, Teens, and Resiliency
This website provides insight, guidance, and advice to help teens and families cope with the pressures of day-to-day life. It features two separate sections with resources for parents and resources for teens. Visit Website
Coping in Hard Time: Fact Sheet for Youth
What happens when your parents are laid off, are out of work for months, and their unemployment insurance ends? What happens when you can
Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for School Staff
What happens when school personnel, or family members of your students are laid off, are out of work for months, and their unemployment insurance ends? What happens when students complain to you that they can
Coping in Unsettling Times: Tips for Students
When a disaster occurs, lots of people and businesses are just fine, but many people feel uncertain about jobs and where the next paycheck will come from. This tip sheet from NASP provides tips for students on coping with tough economic times in their families. Download Tip Sheet (PDF, 30.5 KB)
Coping with Disasters: Peer Listening Training
Research on rural communities and disaster-effects has shown that many of the people who are effected by disasters are reluctant to use traditional mental health services, particularly when the disaster is man-made. Furthermore, traditional mental health services may not be effective at dealing...
Disaster Preparedness to Meet Children's Needs
Disaster preparedness plans must ensure that health care facilities, medical providers, and all adults who might be in a position to help are prepared to meet the emotional needs of children of all ages and developmental stages. This website provides resources on helping children understand...
Disaster Recovery: A Guide to Financial Issues
The American Red Cross has gathered this information to speed financial recovery after a disaster. This online booklet  includes sections on restoring household stability, stablizing finances, managing a property loss, and looking ahead. Visit Website
Facebook Profile for Oil Spill Distress Helpline
The Distress Helpline’s Facebook Page is updated daily with a tip or resource regarding mental health and the oil spill. The Facebook Page allows for an online conversation between users and the Oil Spill Distress Helpline. Parents, families, health & mental health professionals, and...
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Ready Kids
Ready Kids is a nationwide effort designed to encourage children and families to take action and prepare for emergencies. This Web site for children features games and activities that teach kids how to create an emergency supply kit and to make a plan in case of an emrgency. Visit the Web site
Florida Department of Environmental Protection Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response
Residents are encouraged to contact behavioral health providers listed here if they need help coping with the Gulf Coast oil rig explosion and spill. Visit Website