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Coping Resources

Fostering Resilience in Children
This brief provides an overview of the nature of resilience, and looks at the importance of caring relationships, high expectations, and opportunities for participation. View Brief Online
Helping Children Cope in Unsettling Times: Tips for Parents and Teachers
Disaster situations can be unsettling for young people. The sense of confusion and uncertainty experienced by many adults regarding their financial situation can be transmitted to children. As a result, children may be confused or fearful that they or their family are at financial risk. Adults need...
Helping Children Cope With Crisis: Care for Caregivers
NASP created this guide for educators, parents, and caregivers to assist children coping with a crisis. The guide discusses the challenge of caregiving, the role of the caregiver, potential for burnout, signs of burnout, and preventing burnout. Download Guide (PDF,54 KB)
Helping Children Rebound: Strategies for Preschool Teachers
This booklet presents teaching strategies that address the specific needs of children who have experienced the 2005 hurricane disasters, but the strategies are relevant to any teacher working with students affected by a natural disaster or traumatic event. It helps teachers purposefully observe...
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: Disaster Distress Helpline and Resources
Hurricanes, tropical storms, and the severe weather associated with both- namely floodingand tornadoes -can lead to emotional distress in those that experience them. Survivors living in the impacted areas (including children and teens), loved ones of victims, and first responders, rescue &...
Managing Distress Caused by the Oil Spill
There are simple and effective ways to address the distress or anxiety you may be experiencing. This website provides helpful tips for individuals to aid them in coping with distress or anxiety caused by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Visit Website
Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation, Inc. (MCVN)
This New Orleans-based nonprofit has provided emergency relief assistance to over 3,000 Vietnamese American residents and has advised over 1,000 communities on their specific concerns. With the current oil spill, MCVN is focusing on the rapidly approaching behavioral health concerns such as...
Mississippi Department of Mental Health Gulf Coast Oil Spill Information
This page provides information on coping with the stress of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Visit Website
National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement
The lives of children are too frequently touched by crises that may include the death of family members, friends, or others important in a child's life. When this occurs, learning, behavior and relationships can be impacted. The National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement website offers...
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Information and support regarding domestic violence plus a brief questionnaire that will help you determine if you or a loved one is in an abusive situation. Individuals can call the NDVH directly if they feel they want to speak with a domestic violence advocacy specialist at: 1-800-799-...