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Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Athabasca University

This Web site provides multiple resources for both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

The Community Tool Box: Conducting Surveys

University of Kansas

This online resource describes what a survey is, why to conduct one, when to conduct one, how to prepare a survey, how to distribute a survey, and how to analyze and compile survey results.

Cultural Competence in Your Program

National CASA Association

This guide includes an easy-to-use evaluation tool to determine the level of cultural competence in your program.

Checklist for Program Evaluation Planning

The Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits

This checklist helps the professional to make decisions about evaluation design, stakeholders, data, and data collection methods.

Collecting Evaluation Data: Surveys

University of Wisconsin

Topics covered by this manual include: what is a survey, when is it appropriate to use a survey, choosing a survey method, planning, implementing, getting a good response, interpreting results when

Analyzing Quantitative Data

University of Wisconsin

This short publication explains common terms (e.g., percentages, central tendancies, means) used in data analysis.

Designing Surveys and Questionnaires

StatPac, Inc

This tutorial covers over 24 topics of designing and using questionnaires including time and cost considerations, the advantages and disadvantes of written questionnaires, and examples of good surv

Program Evaluation Methods: Measurement and Attribution of Program Results (Third Edition)

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

This publication includes chapters on evaluation strategies, research design, data collection, and analytical methods.

Building Organizational Collaborations

University of Vermont

This online resource helps coalitions evaluate process and outcomes.

Review Guidelines: Program Evaluation

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

These guidelines present at once a communications guide and a method of program evaluation.