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Grantee-Specific Evaluation

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Grantees design and carry out evaluation activities to assess the implementation of their Project LAUNCH projects and to determine the outcomes associated with project activities within their states, tribes, communities, and the District of Columbia.

Each grantee engages an evaluator to conduct grantee-specific evaluation activities. In some cases, the evaluator is an employee of the grantee; in other cases, the state-, tribal-, or community-level program hires an independent contractor or consultant.

In all cases, the grantee-specific evaluator supports the state-, tribal-, and community-level teams by:

  • Writing a grantee-specific evaluation plan. 
  • Developing the logic model and determining the evaluation questions. 
  • Selecting and/or creating evaluation instruments.
  • Designing processes for collecting data.
  • Helping Project LAUNCH leaders interpret grantee-specific and CSE results.

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