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Mental Health/Health Care Providers

Public Health Matters Blog

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This blog covers topics ranging from helping children cope with a disaster, to preparing for natural disasters and general crisis prepardness. 

Resilience & Stress Management

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

This webpage by SAMHSA provides a collection of materials that address stress management and resilience. The resources can be applied to any type of stressful situation such as natural disaster, economic hardships, or coping with the loss of a loved one.

Vist the site here

Treating PTSD and Related Symptoms in Children

PTSD Research Quarterly

Some children develop severe and long-lasting emotional symptoms following a traumatic event. This resource highlights the work done surrounding the treatment of PTSD in children of different age groups, from preschool-aged children to adolescents.

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SAMHSA's Quarterly Technical Assistance Journal on Disaster and Behavior Health


The Dialoge is a Technical Assistance quartly eJournal that focuses on Disaster and Behavior Health. This issue's special features is "Cross-cultural Disaster Behavioral Health. A shelter field guide, resources, and upcoming events are also included in this issue.

The 12 Core Concepts: Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

This site defines the 12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families. The Concepts serve as the conceptual foundation of the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma and provide a rationale for trauma-informed assessment and intervention.

Caring for Kids After a School Shooting

Child Mind Institute

The Child Mind Institute provides advice on how to help children cope following tragedy and information about traumatic events.

Visit the site.

A National Tragedy: Helping Children Cope

National Association of School Psychologists

The National Association of School Psychologists offers tips for parents, teachers, and school officials on how to talk with children about national tragedy and how to help children cope.

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Culturally Competent Crisis Response: Information for School Psychologists and Crisis Teams

National Association of School Psychologists

This document discusses the impact of culture on school-based crisis situations and the role that school psychologists can play in creating a culturally competent crisis plan.

Read the document here

Resources to Help Parents, Children and Others Cope in the Aftermath of School Shootings

American Academy of Pediatrics

A collection of resources to help cope with the aftermath of school shootings. Additional resources are provided to promote mental health, school safety and violence prevention.

Supporting Children/Youth During the Holidays in Times of Stress

National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention

For many of us, the holiday times are an exciting and joyful period. But for families and communities in stressful situations, the holidays can be particularly challenging, evoking anxiety, feelings of loss, disappointment, and grief. This brief identifies some warning signs that children are experiencing stress and tips for educators and caregivers working with children experiencing stress.