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National Cross-Site Evaluation

Photo of mother and two daughters

The cross-site evaluation (CSE) synthesizes evaluation findings across all Project LAUNCH grant sites to assess overall Project LAUNCH implementation at the state, community, and tribal levels, as well as outcomes for children, families, and systems.

The CSE addresses three over-arching evaluation questions linking the strategies and goals of Project LAUNCH:

  1. How has the child-serving system at the state/tribal/community levels been enhanced as a result of Project LAUNCH?
  2. How have services for children and families in the target community been enhanced as a result of Project LAUNCH?
  3. What is the effect of Project LAUNCH on the overall development and wellness of young children in the community?

The CSE team collects data from site visits to Project LAUNCH grant sites, semi-annual electronic data reporting, and grantee documents, such as environmnetal scans and End-of-Year Resports. CSE staff are available to provide technical assistance on research and evaluation to local evaluators through the CSE liaison assigned to the grantee.

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