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Coping Resources

Children and Grief
A brief fact sheet that provides guidance around how children respond to a death in the family as well as warning signs that may indicate that the child is having difficulty coping with grief. View this fact sheet 
Children and Resiliency
This website provides signs of a resilient child and activities to promote resiliency in children. Visit Website
Children's Needs in Disaster Situations
A disaster is frightening to everyone. This website provides information on recognizing age-appropriate signs of stress in children, strategies for parents and teachers to do outreach to children, age-appropriate ways parents and teachers can help children cope, and information on the benefit...
Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters: A Guide for Teachers
The purpose of this guide is to inform teachers of how natural disasters can affect children's behavior and performance in the classroom, and what teachers can do to help children cope. View Guide
Children, Teens, and Resiliency
This website provides insight, guidance, and advice to help teens and families cope with the pressures of day-to-day life. It features two separate sections with resources for parents and resources for teens. Visit Website
Coping in Hard Time: Fact Sheet for Youth
What happens when your parents are laid off, are out of work for months, and their unemployment insurance ends? What happens when you can
Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Community Organizations and Leaders
What happens when a community has been hit by economic hard times? Stores close, buildings stand abandoned, municipal services
Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for School Staff
What happens when school personnel, or family members of your students are laid off, are out of work for months, and their unemployment insurance ends? What happens when students complain to you that they can
Coping in Unsettling Times: Tips for Students
When a disaster occurs, lots of people and businesses are just fine, but many people feel uncertain about jobs and where the next paycheck will come from. This tip sheet from NASP provides tips for students on coping with tough economic times in their families. Download Tip Sheet (PDF, 30.5 KB)
Coping with Disasters: Peer Listening Training
Research on rural communities and disaster-effects has shown that many of the people who are effected by disasters are reluctant to use traditional mental health services, particularly when the disaster is man-made. Furthermore, traditional mental health services may not be effective at dealing...