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Get Real About Violence

Date Published: 

Get Real About Violence is a mixed-media prevention program for grades K

Target Audience: 

Children in grades K

Special Populations/Available Adaptations: 

No information at this time.

Program Components: 

Get Real About Violence has curriculum kits for the following grade groupings: K

Training and Technical Assistance: 

Customized training on how to use Get Real About Violence is available through Discovery Education.

Teacher training is one or two days and is designed to:

  • Prepare participants to be site coordinators and train teachers within their schools.
  • Prepare participants to implement the curriculum with confidence.
  • Show participants how implementation of the curriculum can change the behaviors and lives of their students.

Mentor training is two or three days and is designed to:

  • Provide up-to-date information on the curriculum.
  • Prepare participants to be site coordinators and train teachers within their district.
  • Learn about the latest prevention research.
  • Learn strategies for combining prevention efforts with curriculum.

Training of trainers is two or three days and designed to:

  • Prepare participants to lead teacher trainings for their organization and community.
  • Provide more in-depth knowledge on the research, rationale, and potential use of the curriculum.

Training information is available at

Those who are trained have access to Discovery Education via phone at 800-323-9084. Technical assistance calls are unlimited at no additional cost.

Contact Information: 

Discovery Education
1560 Sherman Ave.

Program and Training Costs: 

The cost of a one-day training conducted by Discovery Education is $2,500. Each additional day costs $1,000. All expenses are included in the cost.

Evaluation Results: 

Matched experimental and control groups of approximately 250 junior high school students in a major metropolitan area completed pre-test and post-test questionnaires to determine the effectiveness of the Get Real About Violence program. Survey data and anecdotal evidence obtained from teachers demonstrated a positive effect of the program.

Students who experienced Get Real About Violence:

  • Were less verbally aggressive
  • Were less likely to be verbally aggressive in the future
  • Were less likely to watch a fight in the future
  • Were less likely to spread rumors about a fight in the future
Evaluation Components: 

Get Real About Violence provides a blueprint for conducting a needs assessment. It defines goals and objectives and contains pre-tests and post-tests for all grade levels to measure the extent students have achieved objectives. There are also evaluations for teachers to determine their attitudes about program efficacy.

Agency/Institution Recognition: 

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Promising Program


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