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Social and Emotional Development

State-level Indicators for Social-emotional Development

This report addresses the process of creating a system of indicators for social-emotional wellness, examines recent state experiences in this area, and describes a framework for moving forward in t

Leveling the Playing Field: Supporting Immigrant Children from Birth to Eight

The Future of Children published this article on the needs of young children and examines data on the participation of immigrant children in health and education programs as well as research on the

The Culturally Effective Care Toolkit

The American Academy of Pediatrics released this practical, hands-on resource to help practicing pediatricians and their office staff provide culturally effective care to their patients and familie

National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition

HMHB does more than just Text4Baby. The site has archived webinars, downloadable fact sheets, tips for expecting and new families, and links to state chapters.

Reducing Risk Behaviors by Promoting Positive Youth Development

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

This purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement is to encourage Research Project Grant (R01) applications from institutions/ organizations that propose to enhance our understanding of effecti

The National School Climate Standards: Benchmarks to Promote Effective Teaching, Learning and Comprehensive School Improvement

National School Climate Council

This paper outlines recommended school climate standards developed by the Center for Social and Emotional Education, the National School Climate Council, and local education and community leaders.

Home-School Differences: What It Means for Kindergarten Readiness


The National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education has published this new short brief, which summarizes findings from a study that looked at how differences between home and school envir

Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Web site

Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development (GUCCHD)

Funded by the Office of Head Start, this Web site provides a wide range of resources on effective ways to promote young children's social emotional development and reduce challenging behaviors.