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Grantee Vignette

Building Relationships with Policymakers

JoAnne Pedro-Carroll, Project Director; Pre-K Primary Project, Children
Rochester, NY

Children's Institute in Rochester, NY has been developing and promoting prevention and early intervention programs since 1957.

Using a Survey to Promote Collaboration, Solve Problems, and Sustain Your Program Activities

Willa Farrell, project director
Hyde Park, Vermont

The Lamoille North Safe Schools/Healthy Students project in Hyde Park, Vermont used a "perception survey" to identify and solve problems, reinforce the working relationship upon which an effective

Sustainability Planning Right From the Start

Nancy Kelly, Project Director
Utica, NY

Not only is the Utica (New York) Safe Schools Healthy Students Partnership going strong one year after its Federal funding ended, but 32 of the 35 programs initiated under the Federal grant are still operating.

Recruitment Success for Hard to Reach Audiences

Esperanza Para Los Ninos
Kansas City, Missouri

The Esperanza Para Los Ninos (EPLN) program has developed a successful outreach strategy to recruit young immigrant Latina first-time mothers into a program to support the emotional development of

Building Trust with Immigrant Families

Mid-Valley Providers Consortium, Educational District 105
Yakima, Washington

A Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) project in Washington State is overcoming barriers to providing mental health services to immigrant children and families in a rural community.

Deterring Gang Involvement

School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties
Ballentine, South Carolina

The towns served by South Carolina

Leveraging Partnerships in West Chicago

West Chicago Elementary School District #33
West Chicago, Illinois

SS/HS initiatives are funded to help establish a comprehensive system of services for youth and their families.

Responding to Mental Health Issues Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: School and Community Partnership at Work

DePelchin Children's Center
Houston, Texas

Last fall, Hurricane Katrina displaced approximately 370,000 school-aged children and their families, more than 10,000 of whom enrolled in Houston area school districts.

Working with Law Enforcement and Juvenile Justice

School District of Springfield R-12
Springfield, Missouri

After Columbine in 1999, police agencies took a long hard look at how they respond to that kind of incident