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Cultural and Linguistic Competence

Building Early Childhood Systems in a Multi-Ethnic Society: An Overview of BUILD

The BUILD Initiative is producing a series of briefs on diversity and equity to help fill a knowledge and communication gap in developing early childhood systems for a multi-ethnic society.

Refugee Services Toolkit (RST)

Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience developed this web-based tool to help service system providers understand the experience of refugee children and families, identify and address their mental health needs, and ensure that they are connected with the most appropriate available interventions.

The Culturally Effective Care Toolkit

The American Academy of Pediatrics released this practical, hands-on resource to help practicing pediatricians and their office staff provide culturally effective care to their patients and familie

Meeting the Needs of Long-Term English Learners

Are you concerned about English learners who have been in your schools for many years and still are not English proficient?

Achieving Cultural and Linguistic Competence: Implications for Systems Supporting the Health and Mental Health of Young Children and their Families

Date/Time (ET): 
March 22, 2011 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Presenter: Tawara D. Goode, MA, Assistant Professor & Director, National Center for Cultural Cometence, Center for Child and Human Development, Georgetown University.

Enhancing Infant and Toddler Care through Reflective Practice, Part III

Date/Time (ET): 
March 9, 2011 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm

In this third webinar of the Enhancing Infant and Toddler Care through Reflective Practice series, Cheryl Williams-Jackson, Professor at Modesto Junior College, and Margie Perez-Sesser, Early Child

Refugee Health Information Network

This Web site provides multilingual health information for refugees and their health care providers, including multilingual Q&A, resources for refugees and immigrants, and materials for provide

How to Begin CLC Implementation and Continue Moving Forward

Successful implementation of meaningful CLC requires eleven essential ingredients:

Applying CLC to SS/HS

So, what does CLC look like when applied specifically to an SS/HS Initiative?