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Mental Health Programs

Systems of Care: Collaborative Interventions for Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbances

Education Development Center

This guide is designed to give Safe Schools/Healthy Students project directors an overview of systems of care (SOC).

Element 4: Mental Health Services

Authored By: 
National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention

The focus of element 4 is to provide needed mental health services for students both within school and from community mental health providers. This brief for SS/HS project directors explains the importance of element 4 to the SS/HS Initiative and offers practical guidance and resources for providing mental health services in schools and the surrounding communities.

This booklet was created for family members of those dependent on alcohol or illicit drugs.

National Resource Center for Child Traumatic Stress Web Site

National Resource Center for Child and Traumatic Stress

The National Resource Center for Child Traumatic Stress Web site provides general information on child traumatic stress, and resources for parents and caregivers, school personnel, other profession

Role of Mental Health Services in Promoting Safe and Secure Schools

The Hamilton Fish Institute on School and Community Violence & Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory

Part of a series of five guidebooks that describe key components of creating safe, positive schools, this resource explores the role of mental health services in developing and maintaining safe sch

Case Studies of System Implementation Issue Briefs

Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health

This series of six briefs, based on findings from Case Studies of System Implementation, provides readers with a summary of lessons learned from established system of care communities.